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ESAT at the Anti-Bullying Summit

The anti-bullying summit on September 29, 2012 tied together all aspects of the ESAT community---students, teachers, administrators, and parents.  

After a delightful breakfast, we made our way into the Cocoanut Theater, a converted nightclub from the 1920s and sat down in velvety red seats.  

The summit opened with a panel of students and parents from around Los Angeles with a moderator asked them questions regarding bullying.  One of the quotes that sticks with me most is, "Remember this.  You are about to watch a documentary with real people.  This is not fictional.  Imagine that these were your friends...your family."  It was a poignant quote because it made the audience vulnerable--it opened us up to the film to come.

For the next 2 hours, we watched the documentary, "Bully."  Most were seeing it for the first time, and everyone watched intently--occasionally booing at the assistant principal in the film that makes some questionable decisions.  

After the film, it was lunch time.  The ESAT team collected around a lunch table and ate Togos sandwiches while talking about ideas to bring back to our school.  However, the lunch area was relatively loud so we relocated to a quieter part of the campus where we could discuss "focus questions" regarding bullying at our school site.   I was personally struck by the depth and eloquence of our student representatives.  They made insightful points about bullying on both a societal and school-wide level.

Once this time was over, we split into groups based on our place in the school.  Students went to one room.  Teachers to another.  Administrators to a third, and parents to a fourth.  The teachers' session was led by a "Facing History" representative, and she had us think about the definition of bullying while we read a excerpt from a Gary Soto short story.  The story illuminated the potential sources of bullying.  We discussed how although it is easy to villainize bullies, if we are going to solve the problem, we must ultimately deal with the sources of the behavior.   Ms. Amado and I talked to another G.S.A. advisor from Garfield High School, and he talked of fusing together some of the "Eastside" Los Angeles GSA clubs for various future activities.

Post breakout sessions, we met up as the ESAT team once again, and developed an 'action plan' to move forward.  As a team, with the support of Mr. Versage, we decided it is important that the whole school see the documentary and that we have a sort of 'fair' afterwards to unpack some of the important themes.  

Danielle Rivera represented ESAT on stage, and told the crowd about our plan before we all got "No bullying" T-shirts and headed off into the sunny Saturday afternoon.

-Mr. Reyna