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School Policies » Uniform Policy (Updated for 2014-2015)

Uniform Policy (Updated for 2014-2015)


 We believe that student attire affects the learning environment of the school campus.  Alliance Environmental Science and Technology High School relies upon the good judgment and taste of both students and families with respect to grooming and appearance.  Cleanliness, neatness, and due regard for the legitimate sensibility of other constitutes the basic goals and norms of the school.  The following uniform requirements apply to all students of Alliance Environmental Science and Technology High School.  The Administration reserves the right to make final decisions regarding appropriateness of uniform or free dress.


9th grade- White collared College-Ready Logo Shirt, khaki, black or grey pants, shorts or skirts

10th grade Blue collared College-Ready Logo Shirt and khaki, black or grey pants or shorts or skirts

11th grade Grey collared College-Ready Logo Shirt and khaki, black or grey pants or shorts or skirts

12th grade Black collared College-Ready Logo Shirt and khaki, black or grey pants or shorts or skirts

 9th grade/ P.E. Uniform: Students enrolled in physical education will be provided one green PE t-shirt and may purchase additional physical education shirt.  Students must wear black gym shorts or sweat pants.  A supervised facility for changing with separate areas for boys and girls will be available.

 Uniform Details 

-          Clothing items, including pants, must be proper size and must appropriately cover the body.


-           Shirts should be of the appropriate length (fully covering the mid-riff) and under shirts should not be visible below the uniform shirts.  Shirts can hang free or be tucked in and may not be tied back with anything (pins, rubber bands, etc.).  Shirts must have sleeves that full cover the shoulders, cannot reveal cleavage, and cannot be altered in any way.

 -          Pants must be worn at the waist.  Shorts and skirts can be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee. Students are not allowed to wear skinny jeans, leggings, jeggings or sweatpants.  Pants cannot be ripped, frayed or altered in any way.     

 -          Shoes must be flat and closed-toed.  No heels, wedges or platforms are permitted.

-          Sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets must open in the front (zippers or buttons) and be of any solid color (e.g. no stripes, designs or any non-college logos or patterns).  Solid colored V-neck sweaters are permitted (as they will show the uniform polo).  College sweater, sweatshirts or pullovers are permitted. 

-          Head/hair accessories such as hats, hair rags, bandanas, and beanies are not to be worn. Only ESAT beanies may be worn. 

-          Students are not allowed to wear clothing or accessories (including, but not limited to jewelry or backpacks) that demonstrate or promote drug, gang, and/ or illegal activity; Students are not allowed to wear clothing or accessories with profanity or obscenities.   

-          Students are not allowed to wear excessive amounts of jewelry or large pieces of jewelry.  Students cannot wear facial jewelry any larger than a “mini-stud,” earrings larger than your wrist or other ear jewelry (such as plugs, gages or spacers, etc.) larger than a quarter. 


Out of Uniform Consequences

Students who are out of uniform/ dress code will be sent to the office, spoken to by an Administrator, or documented by a teacher/ staff member.  Parents will also be contacted.  Students may not be permitted to enter class or remain in class if not following uniform policy.  Students will be provided clothing from the office to borrow and can make timely arrangements with someone from home to bring in the proper clothing.  Being out of uniform is considered a Level A offense on the ESAT Discipline Matrix.  The staff of Alliance ESAT High School may check uniforms at the door and/ or throughout the day.